Hair Dryer


Innovative, Powerful, and Exquisite

With high speed motor and super compact design

Fast Drying Technology


110000 RPM

Air Turbo

60.2m/s super wind speed
Ultra-fast hair drying without high temperature

The excellent flow channel design greatly reduces pressure loss, the wind speed is up to 60.2m/s, allowing the powerful airflow to reach the roots of the hair, drying the hair faster without having to withstand high temperatures.

110000 rpm high-speed motor propelling powerful airflow

The core power comes from an amazing high-speed digital motor, with a speed of 110,000 RPM, continuously propelling a steady stream of surging airflow to quickly dry your hair.

Air Turbo boosting technology
High air volume reaches the root of the hair

Air Turbo air boosting technology is applied to boost more powerful airflow to dry your hair fast without resorting to direct heat.

Did you know?

A higher power in kilowatts doesn’t necessarily mean that the drying speed is fast. Only a small amount of power of the hair dryer is consumed by the motor, most of the power is consumed by the heating element.

Boldly adopted a small but powerful motor and shrank the heating element

ROIDMI A100 is the most compact hair dryer comparing with other hair dryers today with the same performance. To achieve this, ROIDMI used a small but powerful motor and shrank the heating element, so it can be encased in the hairdryer head occupying a size of only 49.7 x 38 x 60 mm.

keeping you from getting tired

Lightweight ergonomic design, the net weight of the body is only 290g, can effortlessly pick it up.

*The hairdryer weighs 290g, excluding the power cord and nozzles

Small and compact

Doesn't take up much storage space, take it with you when traveling.

Long flowing hair
Quick-drying in 5 minutes


Ordinary hair dryer  15-20 minutes

Soft mid-length hair
Quick-drying in 3 minutes


Ordinary hair dryer  10 minutes

Men's short hair
Quick-drying in 1 minute


Ordinary hair dryer  5 minutes

Negative Ion Care
Keeps your hair smooth,
tames frizz and gets
rid of static electricity

Equipped with built-in negative ions generator, which will release over 10 million units/cm³ negatively charged ions. Effectively gets rid of static electricity in the hair and tames frizzy hair. Making your hair smooth, sleek and shiny.

Over 10 million units/cm³ negatively charged ions.

60 times/sec NTC
smart heat control
Helps protect your scalp

NTC Smart constant temperature system adopts the Japan Shibaura Chip. It measures the change of ambient temperature in the air outlet at a frequency of about 60 times a second and automatically adjusts the air temperature in real-time. Effectively avoiding discomfort and overheating damage, and gives hair and scalp an extra layer of warm care.

Various wind temperature
wind speed settings
suitable for a variety of
hair blowing and styling needs

3 gears of wind temperature + 2 gears of wind speed settings, accurate control of heat and wind to meet a variety of hair-blowing needs, and a variety of hair styling arbitrary gains.

Heat settings

Cold air

Warm air

Hot air

Speed settings




Indicator lightHeat settingsSpeed settings

Magnetic nozzles
for all hair styles and types

The magnetic styling nozzles are perfect for creating a variety of hair styles or quickly drying hair with a smooth shiny finish.

Styling nozzle

2-in-1 function, can be used for blow-drying and styling hair. Dry hair gently with smooth air flow.

Quick-drying nozzle

Releases a more concentrated airflow making it ideal for gentle and ultra-fast drying . Get 10 more minutes of sleep every morning.

Integrated molding CNC
technology of aluminum alloy

ROIDMI uses advanced integrated molding CNC technology of aluminum alloy to build its handle. A100 is streamlined with great matte texture, and exquisite touch.

Wall-mounted hair dryer stand holder for easy access

Supporting wall-mounted stand holder, easy to reach, prevents hairdryer from getting wet.

Leather storage bag
The art of storage

Preferred material

Scratch and

Fleece-lined protection

Product specifications

Power: 1000W
Heat settings: Cold air/warm air/hot air
Colour: Glacier Silver/Magic Night Black
Accsssories: Magnetic*2
Storage box*1
Stand holder*1
Voltage: 220V
Line length: 1.8M/2.6M

Reminder:pure manual measurement,if there is an error of 1-2cm,please refer to the actual product received!