Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner NEO

Advanced wet dry cleaning for a cleaner home

ROIDMI NEO      9 super-clean technologies

  • 3-in-1 sweep
    vacuum and mop

  • One-button
    water spray

  • Bionic soft
    roller brush

  • Unilateral
    unbounded design

  • Smart
    stain sensor

  • Healthy sterilization
    of electrolyzed water

  • 150m2
    whole house clean

  • LED smart
    color screen

  • Smart
    voice assistant

Previous cleaning methods
are they really clean and effective?

There are always some stubborn stains which are difficult to remove by just mopping the floor.

Baby's scribble

Dried-up food residue

Concretionary oily soup

Boundless innovative ultra-cleaning technology

Meticulously cleans stubborn stains and deep sterilizes the floor

First, spray some water

to Soften the stubborn stains

One-button water spray to soften stubborn stains.

Second rub

Rubs stubborn stains like a human hand

ROIDMI's innovative bionic soft roller brush each S-shaped scrubbing thread rubs stubborn stains on the floor like a human hand.

High-speed scrub motor

Up to 700 rpm

The roller brush motor is specially designed forstubborn stains, is effective and easy to use.

Enhanced corner and edge cleaning

Clean hard-to-reach corners

The enhanced brush head facilitates easier and effective cleaning of corners and wall edges.

60,000 rpm brushless dry and wet motor

3-in-1 sweep, vacuum and mop
stubborn stains in one-go

Equipped with a 60,000 rpm brushless dry and wet motor, the rated power reaches up to 180W, both dry and wet dirt can be handled at one time.

Electrolyzed water deep sterilization

Only need to use tap water to kill germs

Natural bacteria-removing black technology, environmentallyfriendly, non-toxic, and odorless

99% Sterilization

Remove odor

Cleans better than traditional
wet dry vacuum cleaners


Ordinary wet dry
vacuum cleaner

Cleans and scrubs
stubborn stains

Effectively cleans
walls and corners

Sterilizes to remove
bacteria in one go

Cannot clean
stubborn stains
Leaves corners
and wall edges unclean
Leaves ground for
bacteria breeding

Three cleaning modes
Meets different cleaning needs

Smart Mode

Detecting stubborn stains strong scrubbingup the mess.

Sterilization mode

Electrolyzed water floor sterilizationup the mess.

Water absorption mode

Quickly absorbs water stains on the floor

Comprehensive upgrade
Defining ultra-clean floor 2.0

Streak-free cleaning and quick-drying

Automatic cleaning of the roller brush leaving no streaks on the floor

The dirt of the roller brush is detected in real time and self-cleans while mopping the floor. The roller brush quick-dries the floor leaving no streaks after mopping.

sensor dirty

automatic cleaning

Not easy
to hide dirt

No detection function / Cannot be cleaned Need to be washed by hand

Self-inspection / Really clean / No peculiar smell No need to disassemble and wash

One-button machine self-cleaning

No need to disassemble and wash after use, it self-cleans and air-dries

The soft roller brush, waste water tank and pipe can self-clean and quickly air-dry with just one button press, to prevent odors and breeding of bacteria.

1.Cleaning roller brush

2.Cleaning the pipeline

3.Quick drying

Self-air drying system

The base is air-dried to remove residual moisture

After being cleaned by rolling brush, dry with strong wind to prevent mold and smell.

Can clean up to 150m2 at a time

Dual water tanks and doubled battery life

Clean water tank

Waste water tank

Battery capacity

Strong battery life

4.5kg lightweight main unit
Facilitates effortless cleaning ease when carrying it upstairs

Through structural optimization, the ROIDMI NEO weighs 10% less compared to other ordinary wet dry vacuum cleaners, making it lighter and easier to use.

for convenient and easier operation

Smart LED screen

Displays real time cleaning status

Waste water tank full

Add water

Dirty status sensing

Smart voice assistant

Just listen to know the clean state

Please install the dirty water tank
Please start self-cleaning
Please charge in time

Smart app control

Mi Home App network to view machine status in real time

NEO connects to the mobile phone through the Bluetooth distribution network Wi-Fi connection by using Mijia App. You can view the data of the machine to switch more cleaning modes with one button.

Optical flow water level sensor

Know in advance whetheryou need to pour out water

The optical flow water level sensor in the water tank reminds you when the waste water tank is full or if the clean water tank is empty in real time.

Exquisite details & user-friendly

Removable water tank
One-click removal is more convenient

Roller brush removal
Clean up at any time

One hand operation

Smart Cordless Wet Dry
Vacuum Cleaner NEO

Machine power: 250W

Suction power: 15-42W (smart mode)

Floor brush speed: 700rpm

Endurance: About 35mins (smart mode)

Battery capacity: 3500mAh/75.6Wh

❶ Main unit
❷ Cleaning brush
❸ Soft roller brush
❺ Charging and storage base