Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Smarter, stronger, longer runtime

Available in ROIDMI Singapore on Feb. 25th

Do you experience any of these annoying cleaning problems?

Cleaning the whole house is time-consuming and laborious

Hair getting tangled up

Incomplete dust removal from crevices

Culmination of high-end cordless vacuum cleaner

After 3 years of R&D and condensing many innovative technologies, the X300 is our ingenuity and also the culmination of China's high-end cordless vacuum cleaner.

  • 207W [1]
    Suction power

  • 115,000 rpm [2]
    Digital Brushless motor

  • 8 cyclone dust separation and air filtration system

  • 90min
    Battery life[3]

  • 4000mAh
    Automotive grade lithium battery

  • Light-sensitive LED
    Enhances visibility of dust in the dark

  • One-click battery change*
    Double battery life

Engine Top performance

207W Suction power

Raising the standard of vacuum cleaner performance

Equipped with the strongest of ROIDMI’s Engine so far, an upgraded 115,000 rpm digital brushless motor and a reconstructed air duct design, the suction power is up to 33%* higher than the previous generation.

115 k  rpm
Digital brushless motor

Suction power

27 kpa[4]
Vacuum degree

11.5 k rpm powerful digital brushless motor

Equipped with the newly developed 4th-generation Engine-X tubular self-cooling digital brushless motor by ROIDMI, the engine is ROIDMI's most powerful engine so far. The suction power exceeds 207W, and the power of the whole machine reaches up to 585W [5], resulting in a 30% increase in performance compared to the previous generation.

Breakthrough in aerodynamics: upgraded the fan blades to lighter, stronger, and better heat-resistant aluminium alloy material, which greatly improves the power performance.

Breakthrough in material science: The use of 3200 gauss strong magnetic NdFeB material further improves the efficiency of the motor.

Precision design breakthrough: Innovative tubular self-cooling design and negative feedback system can effectively prevent the motor from overheating and ensure the lasting stability of the power.

Multi-cyclone dust separation and air filtration system

Prevents clogging and maintains strong suction power

Multi-cyclones separate the dirt into the dust cup, preventing the clogging of the air duct and reduce suction power loss, eliminating the frequent need of filter cleaning.

8-layer air filtration system

Air filtration in the vacuum cleaner

Dual-core 8-layer air filtration system from ROIDMI air purifier; the metal mesh filters large particles, and the front and rear dual filter elements perform double purification.

Sponge filtration

Motor cover filter



Metal mesh filter

Multi-cone filtration

Dust cup filter

Cyclone filtration

BatteryAutomotive-grade power battery

Increased battery capacity
Long lasting performanc

The 21700 batteries are used instead of ordinary batteries, offering a better battery life and longer performance on a single charge

4000 mAh*7
Battery capacity

90 min
Long battery life

One-click battery replacement*
Battery life increase*
Doubles to 180min

Additional battery that can be replaced with one-click instantly doubles the battery-life to 180 minutes, provides ultra-long runtime.

*Additional battery needs to be purchased separately

Versatile   Tools to meet all cleaning needs

Smart component recognition
Connects and automatically matches

ROIDMI’s unique 4-pin interface design can connect to each tool in both directions, intelligently identify accessories and switch to the corresponding cleaning modes.

V-versatile roller brush
Reduce hair tangling, suitable for carpets and hard floors

The unique V-shaped bristles structure can straighten out the hair and other windings during the vacuuming process, preventing hair entanglement and meet all floor and carpet cleaning needs.

Smart area detection
Automatic adjustment of suction power needed to clean any floor or carpet

Based on the change in resistance when the floor brush touches the ground, the X300 detects and automatically adjusts the suction power depending on the floor or carpet area.

LED Light
For visibility of in dark areas when cleaning

The light-sensitive LED automatically turns on when cleaning dark areas such as the bottom of beds and sofas, allowing visibility when cleaning hidden and dark areas.

Anti-mite mattress brush vacuums dust mites without releasing allergens back into the air

With the powerful suction power of 207W, the anti-mite mattress brush has a performance far superior to ordinary mite removers and can absorb invisible dust mites and offers a filtering efficiency of 99.975% [6]




All-round tools
Meet the cleaning needs of all areas

Long flat suction

Suitable for cleaning hidden corners, crevices, and narrow spaces. The LED light-sensitive lamp immediately lights up when cleaning dark areas allowing visibility when cleaning hidden and dark corners.

Wide flat suction

Suitable for cleaning dust on furniture, lamps and in between sofa cushions.

User-friendly upgrades
Refactoring the cleaning experience

Smart OLED screen
For a user-friendly cleaning experience

The smart OLED screen displays dynamic information such as real time power during cleaning, current suction mode, calories burnt during cleaning etc., for a user-friendly cleaning experience.




Smart app control
Smart housekeeper

You can check the main unit power, cleaning time, dust full and filter replacement reminders through the app helping you to achieve optimal cleaning.

Main unit power

Cleaning time

Dust-full reminder

Filter reminder

0.65L big volume dust cup
No-touch dust cup emptyin

No need to touch the dirt, just one button-press to release the dirt directly into a bin. 0.65L [7] big-volume dust cup, one time dirt emptying for 500m2 of area cleaned.

8-times smart noise reduction
Pays more attention to noise reduction, making it softer, quieter and more pleasant


Magnetic wireless charging and storage

Mount it on the charging dock to recharge, also acts as storage for easy access.

①Metal extension wand

②Wide nozzle      ③Crevice tool

④Wall-mount charging dock     ⑤Battery pack

⑥Mattress brush

⑦MIF filter     ⑧HEPA

⑨Main unit     ⑩Electric floor brush

Product Specifications

Product name: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner X300

Rated Power: 585W    Suction power: 207W     Motor speed: 115,00rpm    Battery life:90/40/12min [9]

Battery capacity:4000mAh*7

[1] 207W suction power: According to the test data from the ROIDMI Cleaning Power Laboratory or third-party testing agencies. When the battery pack is full, the maximum suction power obtained in the test is 207W.
Report Number: 0728-21A-01

[2] 115,000 rpm brushless motor: Refers to the maximum speed under protection orifice plates. There will be 8% deviation depending on different test environments.
Motor specification: C60-LS4015055J-276

[3] 90 min battery life: According to the test data from the ROIDMI Cleaning Power Laboratory or third-party testing agencies. The running time test on the hard texture floor shows that the V-shaped roller brush is used to vacuum and the running time is 90 minutes.
Report Number: 0728-21A-01

[4] 27kPa vacuum degree: Refers to the maximum vacuum power generated by running the motor when fully plugged and at full power measured. There will be deviation of vacuum degree depending on the test environment (including test methods, ambient temperature and humidity, test equipment, etc.).
Report Number: 0728-21A-01

[5] 585W overall power: Refers to the sum of the main motor rated power of 550W and the floor brush motor rated power of 35W.

[6] Filtering efficiency of 99.975%: According to the test data GB/T 20291.1-2014 by ROIDMI Cleaning Power Laboratory or third-party testing agencies, by testing 0.3-10μm fine dust filtration at the highest level of vacuum cleaner, a filtration efficiency of 99.975% was achieved.
Report Number: 0472-20A-01

[7] Dust cup capacity 0.65L: Tested by ROIDMI Cleaning Power Laboratory, when plastic particles are filled up to the suction mouth of the dust cup, the dust cup capacity is 0.65L.
Report number: RM-SYS-20211028-01F

[8] 73dB(A): As tested in a standard noise testing laboratory by the ROIDMI Cleaning Power Laboratory or third-party testing agencies, the noise level when tested on eco mode is 73dB(A).
Report Number: 0728-21A-01

[9] On a hard floor, using the electric floor brush to run in the eco mode, the battery life is 90 minutes, on standard mode is 40 minutes, and on boost mode is 12 minutes. The actual running time depends on the usage, floor type, battery status, etc.
Report Number: 0728-21A-01

The above data is from ROIDMI Cleaning Power Laboratory or third-party testing agencies. It is only for reference purposes, as it may vary depending on changes or differences in the objective environment during actual use.