Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Next Generation Smart Clean flagship
OLED smart color screen
Real time control of cleaning information
ZiWei Sterilization System
Healthier to sterilize through the whole machine
NEX-V all-powerful Brush
New structure fits for all kinds of floors or carpets
150W Suction Power
Significantly increase EER
Synchronized vacuuming, mopping and sterilizing
Cleaning while staying away from threats
70 Minutes' Long Running-time
Charging one time enough for cleaning 450㎡
Entirely new generation
Interpret the Future of Clean Technology
Awarded the German red dot, iF and many other global design awards from
ROIDMI team colors matching of black and silver OLED Smart colorful screen
NEX serials of entirely new cleaning black technology
  • Contemporary
    Good Design
Smart Color Screen Make cleaning more brilliant 
New smart OLED colorful screen Real-time display of dynamic information such
as suction, electricity and Calorie consumption, while cleaning , visible cleaning status.
*Screen of X30 Pro is OLED colorful screen
 Screen of X30 is LED Digital screen
Humanized interactive design
Roidmi insists on humanized design, always trying
hard to promote 1% of the users’ experience by a
thousand lines of code efforts.
Make 100% sure to ensure the user's convenience,
Visible 3 kinds of cleaning mode operation phases
real-time machine status guidance, calorie consumption,
charging status and so on.
Roidmi's best flagship
Stronger suction
Engine-X 2.0
Higher vacuum
Engine-X 2.0
Longer life
BMS-X 2.0
70 minutes cleaning up 450㎡
60 min clean up 380㎡
Air-X 2.0 Air dust separation
High-end 8 cone Separation Cyclones
Maintain constant suction
Air-X 2.0,8 cone air dust separation, 8 parallel tornadoes are
used to separate dust into the dust collection cup, to avoid blockage of the air duct and reduce suction,
and avoid frequent filter cleaning.
Engine-X 2.0
120000 digital brushless motor
In Roidmi's new cleaning lab, energy efficiency has been
improved significantly comparing to the previous generation,
resulting in stronger performance, longer life and less noise.
BMS-X 2.0 battery system
8 power lithium battery
By optimizing the 8 power lithium batteries through
the new BMS-X 2.0 system,battery life is improved to up to 70 min
which is able to clean 450㎡, only charge once.
X30-V Versatile Roller Brush
Suitable for all terrain and all scenes clean black technology
V-shaped anti-hair entanglement structure
30% higher than NEX anti-wrap effect
Applicable for all scenarios
No need to replace the cleaning brush
Nanoscale hydrophobic fiber
Water and stain resistant
Ordinary floor brush
weak cleaning power in deep gaps
V-shaped high and low hair design
Powerful removal of dust
Second-generation antibacterial
see-through magnetic water tank
Using Novaron ion antibacterial materials, vacuuming and mopping
at the same time, floor disinfection and epidemic prevention, to
protect the health of the family. Magnetic suction design,
connected as one by magnetic if needed, separate once pulled.
Plant bionic drip technology for water tank
According to the principle of plant capillaries, mops will automatically absorb water to get wet.
Six-level filtration + Double antibacterial
Antibacterial air purifier on vacuum cleaner
Six-level filtration from Roidmi Air Purifier, Metal mesh filter for large particles, double purification of front and back double filter.
No.1 filtration + No.1 antibacterial
Novaron ion antibacterial
duct Metal filter net
No.2 filtration + No.1 antibacterial
Novaron ion antibacterial
duct 8 cone cyclone
No.3 filtration
Dust HEPA Filters micron dust
No.4 filtration
Large flux metal net
No.5 filtration
dust-proof net
No.6 filtration + No.2 antibacterial
Ion antibacterial post filter Eliminate Security risks
by germ escape in exhaust
LED light lighting
no dead corners when cleaning
The creative light-brushing LED light-sensitive lamp makes it possible to be lit immediately when entering dark corners such
as the bed and sofa bottom, so that there is nowhere to hide the dust in the dark, and no dead corners when cleaning .
0.55L Big volume dust cup
No-touch dirt emptying
No need to touch the dirt, just 1 button-press
to release all the dirt. 1 time dirt emptying
for 450㎡ clean area with optimized 0.55L dust
cup design.
Magnetic absorption wireless charging
Wireless is simple and unlimited
Lean on it slightly to recharge, easy to use.
Concern about sound quality
triple noise reduction, lighter and quieter[6]
Engine-X 2.0 brushless motor to eliminate harsh noise;
Air-X 2.0. 8 cone air duct optimization, noise offset;
Noise reduction filter in rear, shielding noise.
Smart APP control
Smart housekeeper
Roidmi X30 Pro connected to the mobile phone through
Bluetooth, you can check the host power, cleaning time,
dust full and filter replacement reminder through APP,
helping you to achieve the best cleaning experience.
Electric brush to remove mites effectively
Large suction, invisible mites can also be efficiently removed.
Brush guide
NEX一V Versatile Roller Brush
Applicable for all terrain and all scenes
  • Floor
  • Brick
  • Mat
  • Carpet
Super long flat suction
Suitable for gaps, deep furniture and other environments
  • Sofa gap
  • Window sillcorner
  • Car
  • corner
Mattress brush
Applicable to mites, mattresses, home textiles, etc.
  • Mattress
  • Pillow
  • Sofa
Brush * Use with long flat suction
Suitable for uneven surfaces and depths
  • Curtain
  • Keyboard
  • Car
  • Lighting
Extension hose
Suitable for homes with pets
  • Cat
  • Dog
Model X30 Pro X30
Color Space gray/Taiji color Taiji color
Display OLED Color screen LED screen
Total Rated Power 435W 435W
Brushless DC motor 120000Rpm 120000Rpm
Vacuum 26500Pa 26500Pa
Endurance 70 min 70 min
Noise 75dB 75dB
Suction Power 150W 150W
Lithium Battery
2500mAH/72Wh 2500mAH/72Wh
Charging Time 2.5h 2.5h
Charging method Magnetic absorption wireless charging Magnetic absorption wireless charging
ZiWei Sterilization Support Support
filtering system HEPA+Rear filter HEPA+Rear filter
Dust cup capacity 0.55L 0.55L
Product size 1191*249*164mm 1191*249*164mm
Total Weight 2.7Kg 2.7Kg
Accessories Water tank components
Mattress brush
brush combination
Pet brush
Extension hose
Water tank components
Mattress brush
brush combination
Extension hose