Miro CC

Lightweight | 106000rpm | 200million | Intelligent heat control

  • Miro CC

    Lightweight | 106000rpm | 200million | Intelligent heat control

  • Miro


  • A100


1.Exclusive regional dealer protection:We will protect our exclusive regional partners online and offline channels. Local dealers in the region cannot buy from sources other than you.

2.Competitive price:Our products are more cost-effective and attractive than any other supplier in the industry. We provide you with competitive prices to get higher profits.

3.profit:We have our own operation team to evaluate the profits of exclusive dealers. We provide 60 day price protection to ensure your good sales performance and profit. We provide a variety of rebate policies for different products to relieve your worries.

4.Marketing & brand team:We have our own marketing department to promote products through media exposure, making it easier for you to make profits.

5.Supply, warehouse and logistics:We have developed logistics system. We have established partnerships with many shipping companies and enjoy competitive low freight rates. We have rich experience in logistics control. We support payment on arrival to eliminate your pressure on transportation.

We offer wholesale pricing and co branding opportunities for all occasions. If you want to be a distributor of our products, we are happy to cooperate.