High-speed Ionic Hairdryer Miro
Speed-dry your hair naturally and comfortably with dazzlling light
Got hair anxiety?
Big and bulky with
old-fashioned look
causes frizz
The most affordable
high-speed ionic hairdryer
Nourishing hair with
negative oxygen ions
•21 million
negative oxygen ions
Low temperature
and quick drying
•105000 rpm
•67m/s wind speeds
315g slim body
Dazzlling light
Lighter than the weight of
a mobile phone
Nourishing hair roots
Full hair care mode
Dry hair and a scalp spa at the same time
The hot and cold circulating
air massages the scalp, stimulating blood
circulation to the hair shaft and
revitalising the hair follicles.
Hot air
Cold air
Styling freedom at home
with multiple modes
Medium speed
Medium temperature
Straight hair
Low speed
Low temperature
Short hair
High speed
High temperature
Long curly hair
Dazzlling light
Coloured light for different temperatures and wind speeds
The dynamic light effect interacts with
the hot and cold cycle in a deep time
warp, like a stream of light.
Cold air-Natural wind
Constant blue indicator
Warm air: 58°C
Constant orange indicator
Hot air: 88°C
Constant red indicator
Alternating hot/cold air per 5s
Flashing blue/red indicator.
21 million levels of
negative oxygen ions
Locks in hair moisture
Locks in hair moisture
·Closes scales
and smoothes frizz
·Nourishes the hair
shaft for fuller roots
•Forms a protective layer
and locks in moisture completely
Keeping the scalp out of the heat
of hair fibrin
the hair cuticle
Causes necrosis
of dilated hair follicles
67m/s wind speed
The perfect air speed
for low temperature hair drying
UltraEngine super motor
up to 105,000 rpm
ROIDMI selects brushless high-speed
motors with 0.001g dynamic balance and
0.001mm machining accuracy, providing
ultra-high speed and silent operation for 16 years*.
Super light and High wind volume
315g slim body*
Ultra-light, but don't underestimate
As light as the weight of a mobile phone*,
blow-drying is as easy as brushing your hair.
AirTurbo 2.0
Rapid air flow for instant drying
67m/s super wind speed, double airflow straight
to the roots of the hair.
Maximum noise ≤ 69dB(A)
Ultra-quiet whisper-quiet
Curved body with a warm feel
Aesthetic design in a new light
Stain-resistant hand protection layer,
seam-free design throughout, comfortable
tactile feel wrapped around the entire body.
360° magnetic air nozzle
Double insulation design
Insulated body
Cools down without getting hot
Magnetic filter
0.2mm ultra-dense filter
Avoids hair inhalation.
ROIDMI Miro hair dryer
Power cable