Vacuum and Wipe cleaner X30 Plus
Integrated suction and rubbingsaving time and effort
Six reasons to choose X30 Plus
High-speed wiping
200 rpm high-speed wiping
Absorbing and rubbing double the effort
Two modes for easier cleaning
150W power
Deep dirt can be easily removed
Electric control seepage
3 modes control water seepage
80 minutes runtime
Charge once, clean many times
Magnetic charging
Absorb and wipe in one piece
ROIDMI X30 Plus with two main floor brushes, wiping cleaner head and Soft roller cleaner head, deep cleaning can be done in one machine.
Ultra-thin narrow-sided track Delicate and smart wiping
ROIDMI wipe electric cleaner head adopts an ultra-thin narrow-sided , which reduces the body without shrinking working area .
Suction and wipe at the same time
Whether it is dander or broken particles, they are first gathered by the inner rotation of the mop, and then sucked away by the hidden dust suction port. No rubbish remains after mopping.
*This function needs OTA
High-speed strong rubbing Cleaner than manual
Up to 200 rpm dual-wheel power, strong torque equivalent to continuous high-speed wiping with both hands at the same time, faster and more labor-saving.
Rotating speed
Mopping speed
Multi-scene cleaning
Dry moppingWet wipeWaxing
Wooden floor Marble Ceramic tile Carpet Glass surface
*When cleaning a carpet, a V-roller
brush head should be used for cleaning. *When waxing and curing, a dry
cloth that to avoid excessive
moisture damage to the floor.
Micro-level Electric control water tank
The dual-rotating electric mopping brush of Ruimi uses the smart chip to micro-control the water to keep the mop in a slightly wet state, that is, the floor will dry quickly.
Water tank capacity
Water seepage efficiency
Regulate water seepage
Standed MAX Dry
Both vacuuming & mopping with LED light-sensitive lighting
Both cleaner heads are equipped with LED light-sensitive response lamps, which instantly light up in dark corners such as bed bottoms and gaps, so that there is nowhere to hide dust in the dark.
270° handle can be held with both hands press the ground firmly
To solve stubborn stains, pressing down is the key. With 270° two-way handle design, you only need to press down gently to remove stubborn stains.
Entirely new generation X Interpret the Future of Clean Technology
Awarded the German red dot, iF and many other global design awards from ROIDMI team [3]. Colors matching of black and silver OLED Smart colorful screen. X serials of entirely new cleaning black technology.
  • iF
    Design Award
  • Roddot
    Design Award
  • G-MARK
    Design Award
  • H-DFA
    Design Award
  • Design
    Gold Award
  • CMF
    Design Award
ROIDMI's best flagship
80min long runtime
High-rate power lithium batteries
Continue to improve BMS technology, allowing you to clean without worry.
150Wsuction power
12krpm brushless motor
Engine-X 2.0 , which greatly improves the energy efficiency ratio while bringing stronger performance and lower noise.
8Cyclone dust gas separation
Air-X 2.0 duct system
The 8 parallyiyel tornadoes separate the dust and throw it into the dust cup to avoid clogging of the air duct and reduce the suction power, and avoid frequent cleaning of the filter.
Suitable for all terrain Full scene clean
The V-shaped all-round roller brush has dual functions with one brush. It has the advantages of soft velvet and carbon fiber, and it can clean the floor and carpet at the same time.
Ordinary floor brush
weak cleaning power in deep gaps
V-shaped high and low hair design
Powerful removal of dust
  • V-shaped anti-wrapping
  • Applicable toall scenarios
  • Nano hydrophobicfiber
LED smart screen Clean at a glance
Real-time display of machine status, including remaining operating time of the vacuum cleaner, reminder of missing HEPA, full dust reminder, Bluetooth connection and error reminder, etc.
Smart APP control Cleaning
smart housekeeper
ROIDMI X30 Plus is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. You can check the host battery power, cleaning time, dust full reminder and filter replacement by opening the APP. You can also use the APP to help you
  • Host battery
  • Cleaning time
  • Dusty reminder
  • Filter replacement
6-fold powerful filtration Air purifier on vacuum cleaner
The dual-core 6-layer air filtration system from ROIDMI air purifier, the metal mesh cover filters large particles, and the filter+rear dual filter elements do double purification.
0.55L large dust cup One-click dump
One-key dumping design, only need to press lightly, the hand will not get dust. The capacity of the dust cup is upgraded to 0.55L, and it only needs to pour the dust once to clean 450㎡。
Magnetic wireless charging Lean gently, take it and use it
Satisfy comprehensive cleaning needs
Electric mite removal brush
High suction to remove mites, invisible Mites can also be efficiently cleaned
Wide flat suction
In-depth cleaning of furniture and keyboards Dust and debris in the gap
Crevice tool
Deeply clean narrow gaps between the inner and outer edges of furniture, car seats, etc.
Product parameter
Product name: X30 Plus vacuum and wipe cleaner
Machine power: 435W
Suction power: 150W
Motor speed: 120,000 rpm
Vacuum degree: 26.5KPa
Life time: 80/35/10min
Battery capacity: 2500mAh*8
Whole machine weight: 2.7Kg
Product size: 1191*259*164mm
Charging time: about 2.5 hours
Dust cup capacity: 0.55L
Low noise: <75dB (A)
[1] Maximum Suction power refers to the one that is achieved by testing single hole (10mm) or a full set of test holes on the standard test bench in BOOST mode (the highest mode) at full power and with a full battery, as tested in the ROIDMI Cleaning Power Laboratory or by third-party testing agency TÜV. Suction power may vary depending on the test environment (including test method, ambient temperature and humidity, test equipment, etc.). Report No.: 60386467 001
[2] The six international design awards refer to awards for vacuum cleaner products designed by the ROIDMI design team. This product is designed in the style of our award-winning products.
[3] According to the test data from the ROIDMI Cleaning Power Laboratory or third-party testing agencies TÜV, the operating time in STANDARD mode is 70 minutes, and the operating time in BOOST mode is 10 minutes. While testing, the angle between the product body and ground is 60°±5°. The surface of the floor brush touches the surface of the smooth floor tile and the machine keeps working battery runs out. Operating may vary according to mode, floor type, battery status, etc. Report No.: 60386467 001
[4] Vacuum power refers to the maximum amount of vacuum measured during an eight-second monitoring period when the motor is fully plugged and running at full power. There will be 8% deviation of vacuum power depending on the test environment (including test method, ambient temperature and humidity, test equipment, etc.). Motor specifications: C55-LS3415045T-99
[5] The 120K RPM motor refers to the highest rotation speed measured during an eight-second monitoring period when the motor is fully plugged and running at full power. There will be 8% deviation of vacuum power depending on the test environment (including test method, ambient temperature and humidity, test equipment, etc.). Motor specifications: C55-LS3415045T-99
[6] The total power rating of 435W refers to the sum of the main motor’s rated power (400W) and the brush motor’s rated power (35W).