ROIDMI showcases at the New Home Fair in Zürich Switzerland

Oct 20, 2021

ROIDMI recently participated in the New Home Fair in Zürich Switzerland from Sep 12-15th at the Halle 550 in Zürich-Oerlikon. The 3-day Home Fair presented a platform for companies in the consumer electronics and household appliance industry to exhibit their products. ROIDMI among other known brands such as Siemens, Bosch etc., showcased their products during this exhibition. The fair had a significant attendance.



Among the products that ROIDMI showcased at the fair are X30, X30 Pro, X30 Plus, Z1, Z1 Air, and M10 cordless vacuum cleaners. A lot of people were interested in our products, and others were fascinated by the technology, aesthetic design, uniqueness and practicality of ROIDMI products and how suitable and efficient they are for home cleaning needs. We also got to interact with the attendees as they tried out the various ROIDMI products that we were showcasing and also explained about and answered any questions they posed concerning the products. By doing this, we ensured that the attendees got a better understanding of ROIDMI products and the technological advantages that our products adopt.


The attendees also appreciated that ROIDMI vacuum cleaners are cordless, lightweight, have strong suction and aesthetically blend well with their home decor. We also got some good feedback from various attendees. A mom who visited our booth told us that she is currently using the X30 Plus at home, and is very impressed by the self-cleaning station as it takes away the need to clean the mops after cleaning food/drink spills and saves her time to do other things around her home.

ROIDMI entered Switzerland in 2019 and has various online and offline channels to purchase ROIDMI products.

ROIDMI products can be purchased on the following online channels in Switzerland:





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